Our New Station Leader

The term of Station Leader (SL) with all RCMSAR Stations is two years.

This past November, our SL Fred Banham advised he would like to step away from the role for a period.

Fred continues as one of our Mission Coxswains. For your dedication and countless hours as Station Leader, a tremendous Thank You.

A familiar face stepped forward again to fulfill the Station Leader role.

During our recent AGM elections, Rob Sutherland was nominated and  acclaimed as Station Leader.

Rob, many will recall, was our first SL when Station 106 Shuswap was initiated way way back in 2012. We have grown a lot since then, now with two Rescue Boats, but in another respect, we have come full circle.


Twin Anchors Houseboat Vacations Donates $10,000

Station 106 was very pleased to receive this donation earlier this year.

Twin Anchors owner Todd Kyllo said “he and many others are glad to have the RCMSAR volunteers out on the water (as they) have much better equipment and training to assist the paramedics.”

“Along with the houseboat companies”, Kyllo said “the RCMSAR station is appreciated by other boaters and cabin owners. Their presence on the lake is especially welcome as there have been fewer RCMP and coast guard patrols on the lake in recent years.”

“The donation will help keep the station’s two boats out on the water by helping to cover fuel costs” said Pat Gau of the Shuswap Lifeboat Society.

2020 has been one of the busiest search and rescue seasons on the lakes for Station 106 Shuswap, with the cost at the diesel pumps very high.


Our Current Mission – Establishing A New Rescue Base

Station 106 Shuswap continues to move forward with building a facility to house and protect our rescue vessels – a floating Rescue Base.

The facility will contain a crew ready room where responding volunteers can gear up and prepare for missions embarked upon.

The 2nd floor above the rescue vessels …

– has dedicated classroom floorspace, both for Station 106’s internal training use, as well as our plan in the future to provide Boating Safety education and awareness courses.

– will contain consoles for radar and navigation training in a virtual setting, which will reduce the use and expense of vessels being used on the water.

– will be useful also for holding meetings, and community accessible, when and as available.

Thanks to a grant from the Shuswap Community Foundation, the design phase and engineered plans are completed. The Society is now discussing with community partners how best to structure construction financing.

If an organization or any person is interested helping us with this endeavour, please email us at station106@rcmsar.com


Revised – 2020/2021 Directors for Shuswap Lifeboat Society Board Elected

Since originally posted to the Blog, a question has arose about how the Shuswap Lifeboat Society interlaces with RCMSAR Station 106 Shuswap.

Everything operational – crews, vessels, missions = Station 106 Shuswap. Crew – volunteer recruitment, new crew trained to Canadian Coast Guard criteria, recurrent vessel operation and navigational aid assessments. Vessels – maintenance and upkeep. Missions – scheduling crew, and safely performing SAR missions.

The Society is the financial and administrative support for the Station – promotion, fundraising, financial records, and enacting policy sheets.

Society members must be members of Station 106. The Society is able to issue charitable tax receipts for donations. To serve on the SLS Board, a person does not need to be an active crew member. Any person who has an interest in the activities of RCMSAR Station 106 Shuswap, either as crew or with the Board, are always most welcome to join us.

Send us an email at the address found on the Home Page.

Current SLS Board, as of the recent Annual General Meeting, are: .

Bruce Weicker, President

Pat Gau, Vice President

Marie Gray, Secretary Treasurer

Cliff Doherty, Director At Large

Dave Harvey, Director At Large

John Creighton, Director At Large

Rob Sutherland, Station Leader ( ex-officio position )

Alice Lloyd, Financial Services ( ex-officio position )