World Maritime Rescue Congress 2019 Comes to Vancouver

RCMSAR HQ has achieved an exciting milestone in that the World Maritime Rescue Congress 2019 website ( is now live. As you might already know RCMSAR in hosting the Congress in Vancouver 15-18 June 2019 and our RCMSAR Station 106 Shuswap is proud to support it through our volunteer members. The Congress website is also linked through our

Check out the page for the Congress and watch for updates!

Supporters of Society

Pictured here are two of our donors.  It is through support such this that we are able to operate on Shuswap Lake.  Thank You!

Doug Greene on the Tolonen
Colleen Anderson from Waterways Houseboats with Rob Sutherland and Pat Gau

Grant Received for Modification & Refit of Tolonen


The Community Gaming Branch has recently announc-ed that Shuswap Lifeboat Society has received a grant in the amount of $143,400.00 for the modification and refit of the “new to us” fast rescue vessel, Tolonen.  A refit is usually done every 10 years according to RCMSAR Policy.  Given the transfer of the Tolonen to Shuswap, it is best to undertake the refit portion now, rather than wait for another 2 years.  The modifications being done are to make the vessel more suited to the missions here on Shuswap Lake.  The focus of this upgrade is the patient care area located in the bow of the boat.Plans are underway to begin this work immediately so as to have it ready for service in the spring of 2018.  All the work is scheduled to be done in Sicamous.  Rob Sutherland, our Station Leader, is charged with overseeing the project.



Waterways Donation

A big thank you to Waterways Houseboat Vacations for their donation to our station.  Our working partnership to enhance water safety on Mara and Shuswap Lake is enhanced through efforts such as this.  Pictured below are Colleen Anderson of Waterways Houseboats, Rob Sutherland – Station Leader, and Pat Gau – Deputy Station Leader.

Kiosk Complete in Old Town Bay

Another Kids Don’t Float Kiosk has been installed on Shuswap Lake, this one at Old Town Bay.  Installation was delayed in early summer due to flood waters on the access road.  Installation was completed in late July.  The kiosk in Old Town is sponsored by Boating BC, RCMSAR 106 and Hyde Sawmill.



Tolonen Arrives!

Our new Fast Rescue Vessel has arrived on the Shuswap.  Thanks to Twin Anchors Houseboats, Sea Dog Rentals and Ray’s Towing from Penticton who helped make the tow very successful.

The Tolonen now needs to undergo some updates and preparations for its work on the Shuswap.  In addition to equipping it for its missions, crews will need to be trained on the new vessel.  It is expected the Tolonen will be ready for service in the spring!

Voluntary Boat Inspections Initiated

Voluntary boat inspections have been initiated on Shuswap Lake.  After a training session, crews are now offering free boat safety inspections.  These inspections are focused in helping boaters have all the necessary equipment on board as designated by Transport Canada.  Inspection stations have been set up in Sicamous, Downtown Salmon Arm boat launch, Blind Bay boat launch and Shuswap Lake Park boat launch.  This service is expected to grow next year with more dates and places for inspections.  The recently acquired and updated Guardian 1 vessel is used to assist in boat inspections.

SWOA Donation

On Wednesday evening, August 23, Rob Sutherland and Bruce Weicker gave a presentation on the work of Station 106 (Shuswap) to the Shuswap Waterfront Owners Association.  the presentation was well received with the Association giving a donation of $1,500.00 to the Station for equipping the new to us Fast Rescue Vessel, Tolonen, now stationed on the Shuswap.  Thank you SWOA!

L to R – Bruce Weicker (President of Shuswap Lifeboat Society), Clyde Mitchell (President of SWOA), Rob Sutherland (Station Leader 106) – photo courtesy of Jay Simpson

Fast Rescue Vessel Tolonen Coming to Shuswap

The fast response Rescue Vessel Tolonen, presently located with Station #5 (Victoria), will be transferred to Station 106 (Shuswap) May 31st.  Following the transfer, the Tolonen will undergo a review and refit at Titan Boats, the manufacturer in Sidney, BC.  Following the refit it will be transferred to Shuswap Lake (Sicamous).  this is expected to take place in early July.  Crews from RCM-SAR 106 (Shuswap) will spend the summer training on the “new to us” vessel preparing it for service in 2018.  Stay tuned for more progress reports in the coming months.

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