Construction of the Rescue Base is underway.

Here, Pat Gau, Vice President of the Shuswap Lifeboat Society, presents Nigel Watson, of TA Structures, with a signed Construction Agreement, and the first cheque of five construction draws over the next six months.


Unified Responses with BCAS Medevac Helicopter(s)

Often on a life threatening medical emergency or Golden Hour trauma call to a lake access only ( no road access ) scene, our vessels and crews will join the BCAS Medevac Helicopter in a Unified Response.

Usually, our vessels will transport Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) and their equipment to the scene, to assist the Critical Care Paramedics that are arriving by helicopter. In this case, after the patient is packaged, and loaded onto the helicopter, our crews would transport the PCP’s back to their ambulance.

Occasionally, when the Medevac Helicopter is unable to land at the scene, after our vessels convey the Primary Care Paramedics to the scene, our crews would now to be redeployed to where the helicopter was able to land, and pick up the Critical Care Paramedics (CCP) from there, and ferry them back to the scene. In this situation, the patient would be loaded onto our vessel, and conveyed over to the site where the helicopter is waiting. Once the patient is aboard the helicopter, our crew would now take the PCP’s back to their ambulance.

And throughout both situations, our vessel crews will be assisting the paramedics in any manner needed or requested.

Here is a Unified Response where the Medevac Helicopter was able to land at the scene, and the patient is departing via the helicopter, for hospital.

Signage and a Donation

As President Bruce was picking up our order of Life Ring signage from Spectrum Signworks, and paying our bill, he was very pleased when General Manager, Jamie Walters, in turn, presented Bruce a donation, to thank our volunteers for their efforts, in the amount of $556.

Success … a $250,000 Grant

On January 17th, the BC Community Gaming Capital Projects announced the Shuswap Lifeboat Society was successful with a recent grant request:

– $250,000 to assist us construct a Rescue Base for the Station.

Discussions are currently underway with the Builder, and we anticipate construction to commence Summer of 2022.

Our Current Mission – Establishing A New Rescue Base

Station 106 Shuswap continues to move forward with building a facility to house and protect our rescue vessels – a floating Rescue Base.

The boathouse contains 2 bays to moor our two Rescue Vessels with a heated and fully equipped Ready Room for the responding volunteer crews to gear up quickly, safely, and prepare for missions.

This Ready Room will also permit meeting space for the crews, and can be used for basic training, such as virtual radar and navigation training, without incurring the greater expense of using a vessel on water.

Thanks to significant grant funding from Shuswap Community Foundation, the design phase is complete and the engineered plans prepared.

The Society is in discussions with community partners to develop a financing package, and we hope to begin construction in 2022.

If an organization or any person is interested and able to help us with this endeavour, please email the Society at shuswaplifeboatsociety@gmail.com


Shuswap Lifeboat Society Directors Elected for 2021/2022

The Shuswap Lifeboat Society AGM occurred on November 15, 2021.

Often wonder how the Society interfaces with Station 106 Shuswap?

Everything operational is the responsibility of Station 106 Shuswap.

Crew – recruitment, new crew training to Canadian Coast Guard criteria. Accepted crew receive additional training including boat handling in close quarters, seamanship, radar, gps navigation, chartwork, first aid, cold water survival, and SAR skills. Vessels – maintenance, upkeep, cleanliness, disinfection, and restocking. Missions – scheduling crew, and safely performing the SAR Taskings.

The Shuswap Lifeboat Society (SLS) is the Business Entity of Station 106, by supporting the Operations with a primary purpose of ownership of the assets, and financial support.

Activities include fundraising, donor management and recognition, asset management, receiving and disbursement of funds, including payment of expenses.

The Society is able to issue charitable tax receipts for donations.

Society members must be members of Station 106.

To serve on the SLS Board, a person does not need to be an active crew member. Any person who has an interest in the activities of RCMSAR Station 106 Shuswap, either as active crew, or support member dockside, or with the Society are always most welcome to join us.

Send us an email at the address found on the Home Page.

Current SLS Directors are:

Bruce Weicker, President

Pat Gau, Vice President

Marie Gray, Treasurer

Norma Leslie, Secretary

Cliff Doherty, Director At Large

Doug Wasylinki, Director At Large

John Creighton, Director At Large

Rob Sutherland, Station Leader ( ex-officio position )

Thank You “Women Who Wine”

Women Who Wine –  https://womenwhowine.ca/    Their mission is –

Connecting and empowering women of various business acumens 

in our community through meaningful networking events and

collectively giving back to our community through quarterly

Community Giving Events

Their efforts and fine work were very evident on December 11th, 2020, when Women Who Wine hosted a quarterly Community Giving Event, for the first time in a 100% virtual setting, which went really well. After watching our presentation, members of Women Who Wine nominated our Station 106 to receive funding for our much needed Rescue Base, in the amount of $3860.

December 18th, Kailee Ramsell, of the Women Who Wine, met Station Leader, Rob Sutherland, and Bruce Weicker, President of the Shuswap Lifeboat Society on board Tolonen, presenting us a cheque.

More info on the Rescue Base to be added to the Website soon.