Fred Duck Retires!

Fred at the Helm, November 16, 2018

Fred has been an active and truly dedicated member of our Station since December 2012. He also took “command” of our Pleasure Craft Compliance Check Program when we first started it.   He will be missed at our Station. Fred can add RCMSAR to his many achievements during his life.  Fred contributed 245.35 volunteer hours of sea-time during missions and training on the water and another 431 hours of training and activities on land. One mission to Copper Island during a severe storm, I’m sure he wished he didn’t pick up the phone to volunteer for that one.

On Friday, November 16th, Fred took his last trip on the Tolonen, having an opportunity to be the helmsman as pictured above.  It has been a pleasure to work with Fred and his great attitude and humour will be missed during training and while saving lives on the lake.