Our New Station Leader

The term of Station Leader (SL) with all RCMSAR Stations is two years.

This past November, our SL Fred Banham advised he would like to step away from the role for a period.

Fred continues as one of our Mission Coxswains. For your dedication and countless hours as Station Leader, a tremendous Thank You.

A familiar face stepped forward again to fulfill the Station Leader role for another two years until the Fall of 2022.

During our recent AGM elections, Rob Sutherland was nominated and  acclaimed as Station Leader.

Rob, many will recall, was our first SL when Station 106 Shuswap was initiated way way back in 2012. We have grown a lot since then, now with two Rescue Boats, but in another respect, we have come full circle.


Twin Anchors Houseboat Vacations Donates $10,000

Station 106 was very pleased to receive this donation earlier this year.

Twin Anchors owner Todd Kyllo said “he and many others are glad to have the RCMSAR volunteers out on the water (as they) have much better equipment and training to assist the paramedics.”

“Along with the houseboat companies”, Kyllo said “the RCMSAR station is appreciated by other boaters and cabin owners. Their presence on the lake is especially welcome as there have been fewer RCMP and coast guard patrols on the lake in recent years.”

“The donation will help keep the station’s two boats out on the water by helping to cover fuel costs” said Pat Gau of the Shuswap Lifeboat Society.

2020 has been one of the busiest search and rescue seasons on the lakes for Station 106 Shuswap, with the cost at the diesel pumps very high.


National Recognition Award for RCMSAR

RCMSAR has garnered a national award for Water Safety Program with the Kids Don’t Float iniative.  A number of new kiosks have been added in the last two years across the many stations.  Leading the way has been our program here on Shuswap and Mara Lakes.  See our page ‘Kids Don’t Float – But PFDs Do!’ to get our complete listing of kioks.

Rob Sutherland Receives National Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Award

Rob Sutherland, our Station Leader, received the National Merit-Leadership Award from the Canadian Coast Guard at the Annual SAREx event held in September of 2018 in Metchosen, BC.

The Leadership Medal is for members who have maintained an outstanding level of performance and/or achievement over a period of time to further authorized activities of the Auxiliary.

In particular, Rob’s nomination noted the following areas of Leadership:

Recruitment     Training    Acquisition of Equipment and Resources      Operational Readiness    Fund Raising    Community Awareness

Congratulations Rob!

Seymour Arm Kids Don’t Float Kiosk Installed

Working together, a number of agencies including RCMSAR 106, CSRD and the Ministry of Transportation supported the Seymour Arm Community Association to get a Kids Don’t Float Kiosk installed the day before their Annual Swim Across the Lake event on July 27th.  Thanks to the coordination of Diane Beebe and Dianne Young – great Teamwork!

Swansea Pt. Gets Kiosk

It took some time, but perseverance by the Swansea Pt. Community Association has resulted in the installation of the 13th Kids Don’t Float Kiosk on Mara and Shuswap Lakes.  Thanks to the leadership of Karen Warrington to make this project successful!

Waterways Donation

Waterways Houseboats have again made a significant contribution of $12,500.00 to Shuswap Lifeboat Society.  this donation will be used for general operations and safety equipment for our vessels.

Thank you Waterways Houseboats.

Pictured are Colleen Anderson of Waterways, Fred Banham, Dave Harvey, Rob Sutherland (receiving cheque) and Allen Langworth from RCMSAR 106.

Knights of Columbus Donate


The Knights of Columbus, Council 7107 in Salmon Arm, gave a donation of $500.00 on Wednesday April 18th.  This donation will be used for safety equipment on our vessels, especially the new acquisition Tolonen.


Pictures are Bruce Weicker, Shuswap Lifeboat Society, Eugene Casavant and Ken Nowicki from the Knights of Columbus.