Our Missions

Our operations can range from medical emergencies and evacuations, search and rescue of missing swimmers and boaters, boat incidents (mechanical failures, accidents, sinkings, etc) and any other incidents on or around our lakes.  We attend to cabins that are water access only as well as locations on the lake where we are quick than an ambulance by road.  Most often we have BC Ambulance paramedics on board for medical mergencies.  Below is our mission data from our first nine years of operation.


                    YEAR                               TOTAL MISSIONS

    2020                                                   39

    2019                                                   19

    2018                                                   24

2017                                                  37

2016                                                  20

 2015                                                 26

2014                                                  38

2013                                                  51

2012                                                  44

Total                                               298

“Saving Lives on the Water”DIAL 911 FOR EMERGENCIES