Meet Us

Crew members undergo training that adheres to the standards and criteria set by Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, which are aligned with the Canadian Coast Guard regulations.

Our comprehensive training regimen takes place both locally in the Shuswap area and at the RCMSAR Regional Training Center in Sooke, B.C.

Training covers a wide array of skills including boat handling in various conditions, navigation techniques using Radar and GPS, chart reading, emergency protocols, first aid procedures, boating regulations, and search and rescue tactics.

Coxswains undergo specialized training focusing on leadership development, critical decision-making, and advanced proficiency in the aforementioned areas.

The Team

Al Poole Allan Langworth Bryan Brynell
Bruce Weicker Dana Nicholas Clay Eastland
Cliff Doherty Dave Harvey Linda Brynell
Dennis Harris Doug Pearce Doug Wasylenki
Jim Senior John Creighton Marie Gray
Lisa Simpson Norma Leslie Pat Gau
Rob Sutherland Tamara Lansing  Wes Siemens
Scott Gray Dave Witt Brian Luco
Astri Langford Robert Waldie Monika Cooper
Malerie Selfe Craig Massey