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Join us in the mission of “Saving Lives on the Water.”

With roots dating back before Confederation, marine rescue volunteerism has been an integral part of Canadian waters. Today, volunteers play a crucial role, responding to 25% of all marine search and rescue operations in Canada.

Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue boasts nearly 1000 dedicated volunteers spread across 31 Stations in British Columbia. Continuing a legacy of 150 years, volunteers in the Shuswap devote their personal time to training, standby duties, promoting water safety, and crewing vessels for search and rescue operations, including medical emergencies on the Shuswap Lake system.

With medical incidents comprising three-quarters of their responses, Station 106 Shuswap maintains two vessels, ready for immediate response 24/7, 365 days a year.

At Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 106 Shuswap, our volunteer programs are tailored to suit your interests, schedule, and abilities. Whether you’re eager to join our active Search and Rescue crew or prefer supporting the station through maintenance, fundraising, or promoting boating safety awareness at public events, there’s a role for you.

Becoming a search and rescue volunteer is both challenging and incredibly rewarding, but it’s not necessarily suited for everyone. You’ll encounter situations where you’re paged in the middle of the night to respond to emergencies, often in adverse weather and lake conditions that we caution other boaters to avoid.

You may find yourself crewing a mission in rough waters with strong winds, navigating through darkness, putting your SAR and vessel operation training to the test. Working in such environments can pose risks, and you’ll frequently be aiding individuals who are confused, scared, or severely injured. Some missions may involve tragic outcomes, including loss of life.

With the right character and commitment, we offer the training, tools, and support necessary for success as a SAR crew member.

Volunteers at Station 106 emphasize that the rewards of “Saving Lives on the Water” are invaluable.

To serve as operational search and rescue crew, volunteers must be capable of reaching the vessels in Sicamous within 15-20 minutes. Our dedicated emergency responders aim to launch within 15 minutes of being paged and always within 30 minutes.

Volunteering with RCMSAR Station 106 Shuswap connects you with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCG-A), which operates across six distinct regions nationwide. Each region, a federally incorporated non-profit association, oversees the operational aspects of local SAR stations. In May 2012, the CCG-A Pacific region (British Columbia) underwent a rebranding, becoming Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue (RCMSAR).

By joining our Station 106 Shuswap, you’ll automatically become a member of RCMSAR provincially and CCG-A nationally.

Ready to dive in? Reach out to our Station at station106@rcmsar.com.

As you embark on your journey with Station 106 Shuswap, whether as an operational, support, or junior member, you’ll navigate a series of application forms, exemplified below.

RCMSAR Membership Form
Memorandum of Understanding and Declaration of Beneficiary
Transport Canada Application for Candidate Document Number
Volunteer Probationary Contract

Applicants will also undergo a Criminal Record Check, organized and covered by our RCMSAR provincial headquarters as part of the application process.

When the time is right, all new recruits will discuss a Volunteer Probationary Contract.

Now, let the training, experiences, and personal rewards begin…