Bobbie the Safety Boat

Bobbie is returning to school! Students in grades 2 and 3 across the Shuswap are introduced to RCMSAR and what our volunteers do to keep people safe on Shuswap and Mara Lakes.  The program emphasizes these Six Boating/ Water Safety Rules:

  • 1. Always wear your PFD, ’cause kids don’t float!
  • 2. Never ride on the bow of the boat, ‘cause you might fall in and you might not float!
  • 3. If someone falls in, and they can’t swim, reach or throw – but never go in!
  • 4. We should all learn to swim.
  • 5. Always swim with a buddy in a supervised area.
  • 6. Look before you leap.

Bobbie also talks about hypothermia and water pollution.  Students are reminded to put garbage in its place.

An important focus of the lesson is personal flotation device (PFD) use and awareness.  Students are shown samples of many types, sizes and colors of PFD’s.  Students are instructed on how to choose the correct size and put it on correctly.  The importance of the crotch strap was also stressed.  To conclude students are given the task of choosing a correct-sized PFD from a pile, put it on properly and then be inspected by one of the instructors.