RCMSAR Station 106 Shuswap is currently a 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency response organization with over 300 missions undertaken.

SAR operations started May 19th, 2012, with Rescue One. Readily apparent, our services were indeed needed, with 44 missions that first year and 51 missions in 2013, Station 106 instantly became one of the busiest in British Columbia.

Vessel crew, all community volunteers, often discussed the value of a “boat house” – for protection of Rescue One from the elements, as well as provide a secure location to store SAR equipment and rescue gear.

And now in 2017, a Fast Response Craft, Tolonen, was joining Stn. 106.

With Station 106 and the volunteers very committed to their 24 hrs / day emergency response role, vessels were in the elements 365 days/year. Volunteers provided many hours in spring to maintenance and repairs.

While the Station crew volunteer these maintenance hours, the Shuswap Lifeboat Society must fund the cost of maintenance from donations and our grant funding. These costs could be minimized greatly if the vessels were better protected.

Tolonen, a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB), adds sun and summer heat to the ice and winter issue – the side-forming air tubes are rapidly deteriorating from our beautiful yet intense Shuswap sunlight, costing $35,000 when they fail. Tolonen needs to be out of the sun.

Shuswap Lifeboat Society, administering and operating Station 106, now manages $1 Million in Capital Assets – vessels, materials, equipment – supplied by taxpayers, in one form or another, which need protection.

So, in 2017, with due diligence in mind, the Society resolved the Society begin investigating “a floating Rescue Base”  to safeguard the Society’s assets.