With a concept decided upon, the Society began a search of boathouse builders and/or manufacturers that would be interested in this project, so as to obtain quotes on costs. The concept was discussed with a total of 9 companies, and all but one declined, with most common reason being they were not equipped to construct a 14.5 metre by 19.5 metre boathouse and/or transport it to the Shuswap for floating.

As luck would have it, that sole  firm with interest just happened to be located within the Shuswap – Twin Anchors Manufacturing – which was very interested as our project would permit return of laid off employees, given the downtown in houseboat and modular structure construction.

After much discussion on the pros and cons, and with the Wish List now outlining a List of Needs, the Shuswap Lifeboat Society entered into a contract with Twin Anchors Manufacturing to engineer and design our facility, including all necessary documentation and construction costs.

Shuswap Community Foundation provided grant funding for this work.