Often on a life threatening medical emergency or Golden Hour trauma call to a lake access only ( no road access ) scene, our vessels and crews will join the BCAS Medevac Helicopter in a Unified Response.

Usually, our vessels will transport Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) and their equipment to the scene, to assist the Critical Care Paramedics that are arriving by helicopter. In this case, after the patient is packaged, and loaded onto the helicopter, our crews would transport the PCP’s back to their ambulance.

Occasionally, when the Medevac Helicopter is unable to land at the scene, after our vessels convey the Primary Care Paramedics to the scene, our crews would now to be redeployed to where the helicopter was able to land, and pick up the Critical Care Paramedics (CCP) from there, and ferry them back to the scene. In this situation, the patient would be loaded onto our vessel, and conveyed over to the site where the helicopter is waiting. Once the patient is aboard the helicopter, our crew would now take the PCP’s back to their ambulance.

And throughout both situations, our vessel crews will be assisting the paramedics in any manner needed or requested.

Here is a Unified Response where the Medevac Helicopter was able to land at the scene, and the patient is departing via the helicopter, for hospital.